Line Dance at MerryFeet

Counts and Beats
The sequence, often called a “wall”, most often involves 32, 48 or 64 beats/counts of the music and the dance itself is defined as the sequence. Each repetition is identical to all the others. Personal styling makes it interesting in spite of the repetition. This repetition of identical sequences distinguishes line dancing from many other forms

Line Dancing teaches you technique… If you are using correct foot positions, or the proper posture it reduces balance problems and more…

Line Dancing uses all Genres and lends to all genres

……foot positions, foot placements, arm styling, Cuban motion, etc. and you will find it improves your dancing as well.

Why is it good for all
The dance moves are broken down into easy steps that are capable of being delivered at various levels of skill and experience. This accommodates the mixed fitness levels of all students, across all ages.

“I’ve witnessed decades fall off on the dance floor” Judy Rae Merhar

Feet and Rhythm

The participants go through a rhythm-based experience using hands and feet. Our feet have 26 bones and two small bones under the base of the big toe, 30 joints and all their many associated muscles and ligaments and four arches combine to give our feet their strength,flexibility and shock absorption capabilities.

It is not instructional, it is demonstrative, it is collaborative. The method of delivery denotes leadership and not teaching. No partner is necessary, either, so someone else’s whim or schedule does not have to hold you back or keep you away from the fun.

We do not perform for anyone
We dance for ourselves, for our well being and for our interest.

We do not pursue line dance as an art, we do a health routine. The appeal of this social dance is that it has no boundaries and it encompasses steps and styles from every dance genre giving it an unparalleled variety and universal appeal.

Social Dance form
It is social and not a performing art dance, It is participatory Promotes Teambuilding, team bonding, cooperation,
unity, community building Builds an understanding of interdependent relationships among people living together in a
community. Simply put: “I am, because you are.”

All Ages…all stages
Line dancing is good, clean fun and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Kids, singles, seniors, college students, and work groups all benefit from this form of cardio exercise where you can burn as many as 375 calories or more an hour You could be a dancer, you could have two left feet … can line dance