About Us

Line Dancing in some form or another has been around since recorded time, according to historians.

Having taught and danced this form for more than six years in New Delhi, I understand how it becomes common language to communicate and connect with for people who might have never met before.

Folk dancing and Tribal dancing lent its vibrancy to this form and hence it is essentially a social form of dance, therapy for tired minds, physically strengthening and socially relaxing and uncomplicated.

Technique, repertoire of step terminology and challenge to the reflexes with new dances every fortnight satisfy the urge to learn.

Every social event is necessary and not evil, Kitty parties included, and Line Dancing brings with it guilt free health and cheer.

These thoughts come from an understanding that once a Merry Feeter, there’s always a comfortable zone to come back to.


She Teaches Line Dance in South Delhi and she enjoys it. It has given her a great deal in return.

The ride through different and varied sectors in her working career defines what she enjoys in her classes today.

In that order, managing a finance company, microfinance skill development, theatre, conceptualizing, preparing and executing fund raisers and now teaching dance are part of her professional journey.

12 years of running a Non Banking Finance company, and training urban slum women while developing skills in micro finance initiatives in their colonies, did not throw challenges like some dance class situations do and she is happy for her journey.

The walk across different professions gives her a sense of freedom. It also makes her kitty of experiences big and rich.

She is certified as a dance teacher by the UKA Dance, England.

She hopes to make the Merry Feet Community bigger and would like more people to take this dance form to different parts of Delhi, and the rest of India.

She considers it an opportunity and privilege to be appointed as the Indian Ambassador  to Line Dance Foundation

which as quoted from the LDF website:

‘With the whole-hearted support of the line dance community, it has now become a Registered Charity operating on an international level with a dedicated network of Ambassadors who all serve the Foundation on a voluntary basis’